Custom made curtain and drapery

Are you looking for curtain and drapery for your new apartment in Japan? As a professional group of interior coodinators, we are able to give you some ideas to match your requirements. From a simple shower curtain to an elegant european fabrics, various curtain and drapery samples are available.

We offer variety of curtain and draps, Japanese shade screen, roller shade, blind, fabric and all home furnishing requirements. Our advisor will visit your house with sample booklets. Special order is welcome.

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Assistance of your interior co-odination
Custom made curtain & draps
Roller shades
Tassels and hardware
Japanese tatami floors
Shop design and construction
Remodeling of house
Wall painting/restoring
Maintanance and refinishig of residence
Garden stones(Japanese, imported stones)
Garden design and construction(Japanese)
Artificial flower arrangement
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Custom made curtain & draps

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