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Flower classes

Basic flower arranging course / hobby class

Basic flower arranging / hobby
Practice in 9 basic arranging forms and 3 different corsages.  Introducing tools for flower arranging and how to use those, choosing flowers, color theory, care and maintenance of flowers and plants, wiring, and taping. All designs are practical and enables you to learn fundamentals of flower arranging.  The course is suitable for everyone from complete beginner or with some experience also a hobbiest to start with.  1 lesson per month 1 year duration.

Intensive class
If you arrange 2 designs per day, you will be able to finish the course in 6 months.

Intermediate floral design

Intermediate floral design
Increased practice using not only colour, form and textures, but also in-depth tips from the Master florist which will help you develop a new approach to your floral design. Let's try some different styles and enjoy stylish flower design! Contents include balance and proportion, texture, floristry knowledge, 5 modern forms and their techniques, practical floral arranging for both home and cooperate.  2 year duration.
Intermediate floral design class Flower design intermediate class

Advance/Instructor, floristry for your profession

Advanced / instructors class
Suitable for teachers or florists. Instills principles of up-to-date designs and aims to develop individual skills at a profession level by covering flowers for commercial situations, corporate, or special events such as weddings. Your works will be significant and so eye-catching to the public.

Experimental lesson

Rose arrangement for May experimental floral lessonIf you would like to come and see how the class conducted, I am willing to provide you a trial lesson during our regular class date.  Please e-mail for vacancies.  info@act-flower.com

12th and 13th of May from 13:30
fee: 5,400JPY

Florist workshop

Florists and floral enthusiasts gather for their skill up session.
florist workshop



2018 Time 13:30-17:00
May 12th(Sat) experimental lesson for beginners
13th (Sun) A bouquet with a bamboo frame / Hat corsage
Jun 9th
Jul 7th
inquiry: info@act-flower.com


Admission fee 10,000JPY


Floristry level Lesson fee
Basic 3,500JPY / lesson
Intermediate 3,500JPY / lesson
Advanced / Instructor 3,500JPY / lesson
Pleasure/fun Class 3,500JPY / lesson

Flowers and materials will be charged separately.
*Minimum number of students : 2

About myself

Chihiro HidakaI first fell in love with flowers while I was working at a Swiss firm. In 1991, I mastered basic floristry with Mrs. Rona Coleman of Flower Design of Britain, England. Upon returning to Japan, I started to teach in Tokyo. I continued to further my learning about floral design from the same flower school. I have developed my own styles in both teaching and designing over the years, although nowadays I enjoy contemporary floral designs in particular. For the past couple of years I have been trained by Mr. Geoffrey Hughes. My sincere thanks to him!

I enjoy teaching, love training my students, and would like to extend a welcome to all people who enjoy flowers. I am fond of natural designs and often bring materials from woods or a park nearby. I like fine wine, good food and enjoy walking and pirates.  I am able to provide classes in both Japanese and English!  So please feel free to get in touch with me info@act-flower.com

1991 International diploma , by Rona Coleman (NDSF) Flower Design of Britain
2007 The Master*, Flower Design of Britain, England
Presently teaching in Tokyo, designing for weddings, and working as a business consultant and advisor.

*Master florist
Becoming a master florist required finishing 5 different level classes and passing all of the examinations in addition to knowing a wide variety of flowers and techniques. For example, flower names and species in English and Latin, colour theories, and designing and planning skills, among other aspects of floristry. Examination was performed by the British international judge, Mrs. Lynda Owen in 2007.

Flower in the class

Flowers are purchased from the flower market and are prepared and conditioned prior to each class. You may also use foliage which is available from my garden throughout the year.


e-mail to : info@act-flower.com